Seamlessly Integrate OLED into Your Current Operations

The Radiance platform simplifies the card manufacturing process using embedded OLED technology. By merging aesthetics with functionality, our innovation lab has produced a contactless card that doesn’t just transact but also illuminates brands, engages issuers and inspires cardholders on tap.

Expand Your Card Manufacturing Portfolio

Radiance’s exclusive card encapsulation design with tap-activated OLED technology simplifies the card manufacturing process, delivering a superior blend of aesthetics and functionality that outshines the competition.

Frictionless Integration

Easily integrate Radiance’s OLED technology into your existing manufacturing processes without the need for custom equipment, disruptions or years of extensive R&D.

Durable and Delamination-Free

No more delaminating cards. Radiance is incredibly durable, thanks to our patented encapsulation process that ensures your card stands the test of time in prime condition.

Advanced OLED Capabilities

OLED provides uniform illumination across the display area, captivating card issuers and end-users with enhanced brightness. The batteryless card generates power by tapping into devices using NFC.

Adaptable Design

Leverage a scalable platform with customizable up-configurations that adapt to your evolving needs, ensuring your operations remain future-proof to meet market demands.

Prototyping Excellence

Leverage premium prototyping services to preview and refine your product, ensuring top quality before full-scale production.

CQM-Certified Production Ensuring Excellence in Every Card

Our production facilities meet the most stringent quality and industry requirements for CQM certification.


Light Up Your Card Manufacturing Possibilities

Easily integrate Radiance into your current processes. Illuminate a bright and bold card manufacturing future today.

Ready to Illuminate
Your Brand?

Discover the future with Radiance’s OLED cards—bright, elegant and superior quality, ensuring standout transaction experiences and top-of-wallet status off the production line.

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