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Illuminate your brand to top-of-wallet status

Standing at the intersection of art and technology, the Radiance platform redefines the card user experience. Using embedded OLED technology, our innovation design lab merges aesthetics with functionality to create a transaction card that illuminates, engages and inspires on tap.

Other cards light up. But not like this.

Radiance’s exclusive card encapsulation design with tap-activated OLED technology delivers a superior blend of aesthetics and functionality that outshines the competition.

Illuminate Your Brand Image

Your logo, design and color, anywhere on the card. Radiance gives you complete control to create a transactional card as vibrant and distinctive as your brand.

Increase Card Spending

Remain the top pick in any wallet. Our OLED platform boosts card transactions and revenue, lighting up exclusive user experiences that ignite brand loyalty with every tap.

Superior Color Quality

Enhance the vibrancy and luminosity of your cards. Our OLED technology illuminates logos and designs evenly for a strikingly radiant display.

Capture Immediate Attention

Radiance turns your card into a focal point at the POS, illuminating and transforming ordinary transactions into long-lasting first impressions.

Durable and Delamination-Free

No more delaminating cards. Radiance is incredibly durable, thanks to our patented encapsulation process that ensures your card stands the test of time in prime condition.

Secure, EMV-Enabled Card

Radiance is compliant with industry standards, ensuring smooth integration into existing systems.

Any Design, Any Color


• Batteryless: Draws power from POS's NFC field
• ISO/IEC 7816 standard format
• Supports international payment methods
• Available for all card segments (debit, credit, prepaid)

Discover the Possibilities on Tap

Make every tap of your card a must-see spectacle. Shine a light on your brand with this innovative, premium OLED transaction card today.

Ready to Illuminate
Your Brand?

Discover the future with Radiance’s OLED cards—bright, elegant and superior quality, ensuring standout transaction experiences and top-of-wallet status off the production line.

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