Light Up Your World by Sentry Enterprises

Illuminate your brand presence at the point of sale like never before.

Standing at the intersection of art and technology, Radiance redefines the user experience. Using innovative OLED technology, the platform merges aesthetics with functionality to create cards that don't just pay but also illuminate, engage and inspire.

Brighten Your Brand’s Top-of-Wallet Status

You only get one chance to make an impression. The Radiance platform ensures yours shines bright with a captivating glow at the point of sale, capturing attention and distinguishing your brand.

Instantly Infuse Radiance into Your Workflows

Radiance is a market-ready, turnkey solution, easy to integrate into your processes to illuminate your card manufacturing portfolio.

Boost Card Usage with Innovative Design

Elevate your brand with unique designs, vivid colors, uniform illumination and superior contrast through our design innovation lab for creating visually engaging transactions.


Payment Certified

Radiance is compliant with industry standard for easy integration.

Illuminate Any Logo

Your brand, your design, any color.

Capture Immediate Attention

Make your card the center of attention at the point of sale.

Illuminate A New Category of Card

Seamless Transactions | Brand Visibilty | Easy Integration .

Card Issuers

Light up your brand to top-of-wallet status on tap.

Card Manufacturers

Frictionlessly integrate Radiance without custom equipment, disruptions or R&D.

Ready to Illuminate Your Brand?

Discover the future with Radiance's OLED cards—bright, elegant and superior in quality, ensuring standout payment experiences and top-of-wallet status right off the production line.

Ready to Illuminate
Your Brand?

Discover the future with Radiance’s OLED cards—bright, elegant and superior quality, ensuring standout transaction experiences and top-of-wallet status off the production line.

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