Frequently Asked Questions

For Issuers

Enhancing Your Brand with Radiance

A: Radiance uses embedded OLED technology to make transaction cards illuminate upon tapping, making your brand more vibrant and top-of-wallet. This unique feature increases card usage and brand loyalty.

A: Absolutely. Radiance allows for complete customization of your card's design, including logo placement and color schemes, making each card as unique as your brand.

A: Unlike basic light-up cards, Radiance combines OLED technology with an exclusive card encapsulation process, offering superior aesthetics, functionality and durability.

A: The captivating glow of Radiance cards at point-of-sale terminals captures immediate attention and enhances user experience, encouraging more frequent transactions and top-of-wallet status.

A: Yes, Radiance cards are EMV-enabled and adhere to industry standards, ensuring seamless integration into existing payment systems.

Technical Specifications and Support

A: Yes, our patented encapsulation process ensures Radiance cards are durable and resistant to delamination, maintaining their premium look over time.

A: No, Radiance cards are battery-less, designed in the ISO/IEC 7816 standard format, and support international payment methods without additional power sources.

A: Radiance is available for all card segments, including debit, credit, and prepaid cards, offering flexibility for your card programs.

A: The card generates power by tapping into devices using NFC technology. No battery required.

For Manufacturers

Integrating Radiance Technology

A: Radiance's OLED technology is designed for seamless, frictionless integration, requiring no custom equipment or significant disruptions, simplifying the manufacturing process.

A: Radiance's OLED provides uniform illumination, enhancing the card's brightness and appeal without compromising on durability or functionality.

A: Radiance offers adaptable design configurations, allowing you to meet diverse issuer needs and market demands with customizable, scalable solutions.

A: Radiance’s scalable platform and customizable up-configurations are designed to adapt to evolving needs, ensuring your operations are equipped to meet future market demands and technology standards.

Radiance provides premium prototyping services and a turnkey solution that includes quality assurance from concept through production. This ensures that every card meets the highest standards of quality, functionality, and design before full-scale production begins.

Quality and Compliance

A: Our production facilities are CQM-certified, ensuring each card meets stringent quality and industry standards.

A: Thanks to our patented encapsulation process, Radiance cards are guaranteed to be durable and free from delamination, preserving their quality over time.

Getting Started with Radiance

A: Leverage our premium prototyping services to preview and refine your products, ensuring top quality before launching full-scale production.

A: Radiance's scalable platform and customizable configurations ensure you can adapt to evolving technological and market demands, keeping your operations ahead of the curve.

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Discover the future with Radiance’s OLED cards—bright, elegant and superior quality, ensuring standout transaction experiences and top-of-wallet status off the production line.

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