Our Core is Encapsulated with Innovation

It radiates with OLED.

With Radiance, Sentry Enterprises has created a future where cards are not just transaction tools but vibrant symbols of innovation, marketing and style on tap.

Innovation Through Teamwork

We value collaborative creation. Through extensive brainstorming and leading tech and design, we harness a shared vision that turns bright ideas into vivid realities at the top of wallets.

Design and Innovation Lab

Precision Prototyping

Cards are fundamentally tactile, designed to be touched, held and experienced. That’s why we develop tangible prototypes that meet your standards for durability, efficiency and compatibility before you go into production.

Manufactured Integrity

Our all-in-one development approach guarantees strict quality and manufacturing best practices. By overseeing production and development in-house, we provide an OLED card platform that excels in reliability and performance.

CQM-Certified Production

Our Continuous Quality Management (CQM) guarantees every tap of your card is not only brilliantly luminous but also supremely reliable, satisfying and secure, standing the tests of time and usage.

Supply Excellence

Our manufacturing strategy champions quality and transparency in our internal processes and throughout our supply chain, ensuring every component meets the highest standard at every stage.

Why Sentry

Sentry’s heritage extends beyond just transactional security. With elegant design and tap-activated OLED technology, we make your payments shine as brightly as your brand.

Ready to Illuminate
Your Brand?

Discover the future with Radiance’s OLED cards—bright, elegant and superior quality, ensuring standout transaction experiences and top-of-wallet status off the production line.

Let's talk about the possibilities

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